Dock Tattoo: Connected by Sea, Graphic header
Dock Tattoo Project
Connected by the Sea: This installation aims to take visitors on a walk down the main pier at the shipyard at HarborArts in East Boston. In response to the place itself, people visiting here are drawn to leave the land and walk out onto the pier where they can experience the water all around them and view the Boston skyline in a unique and complete panorama. Covering the entire thousand-foot-long pier and continuing into the parking lot, this series of 17 tattoo designs with connecting elements stained into the cement surface of the pier, points out the different places and peoples we have been connected to by sea. The aim is to give a sense of Boston’s rich history as a trade center and tell a more inclusive story of who we are.

(Read more | Project page at HarborArts: “The 1000ft Tattoo”)

Painting for Kinetic Light

Some of my recent projects involve large colorful paintings and murals, lit by intense saturated color-changing LED lights (“kinetic light”); This method causes the colors in the painting to seem to flip, move and swap as the light color changes, highlighting different forms and hidden elements. As the lighting cycles through various combinations of colors, the pigments also appear to change color, swap and move in surprising ways, forming a moving wall of color and shape. (See some examples)

“For Mike Franklin, The Art’s the Thing in Hyattsville” —The Washington Post

“…impressive contribution to the street and building-scape and to the Arts in Hyattsville” —East City Art

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