Protest Posters (Free, Downloadable)

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Inspired by the recent edition of Shepard Fairey posters and their allies being published in time for the marches on Washington, I felt moved to do my own take on a message that speaks for all Americans. While I love his art, I’ve always felt conflicted about the choice to use a conventionally pretty young woman as a focus. It’s an easy gambit for creating “universal appeal” in art, but it’s a choice that has its pros and cons politically.

I’m in the process of making some that speak about a range of folks, in an effort to represent, well, more folks. These models were people I met at a local event, who kindly volunteered to be part of this art project.


I’ve made these so you can download and print them if you like, including each as a 4-page PDF that can be printed on a regular office color printer. Just cut the margins off and paste all four to a piece of cardboard (or wall, hehe), and you have a 16×20 sign or poster!