Dock Tattoo: Connected by Sea, Graphic header
Dock Tattoo Project
Connected by the Sea: A series of 19 gigantic tattoo designs stained into the cement surface of the pier at Boston Shipyard in 2015 and lasting several years thereafter, still visible as ghost images today. It honors some of the different peoples and cultures we have been connected to by sea, using their symbols for friendship and safe travel. The aim is to give a sense of Boston’s rich history as a trade city and tell a more inclusive story of who we are.

Painting for Kinetic Light

Imagine large colorful paintings and murals, lit by intense saturated color-changing LED lights (“kinetic” or “chromodynamic” light); This makes the colors seem to flip, move and swap in surprising ways, forming a moving wall of color and shape. (See some examples)

“For Mike Franklin, The Art’s the Thing in Hyattsville” —The Washington Post

“…impressive contribution to the street and building-scape and to the Arts in Hyattsville” —East City Art