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Amazonian Pathways Vignette painting
Amazonian Pathways Vignette painting

Detail of a circular pattern from a ceramic plate, discovered in an archeological dig on the islands of the Amazon river delta. This was chosen to represent and honor the indigenous peoples of Brazil, who were also impacted by the … Read More

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Chinese Good Luck Bat tattoo
Good Luck Bat Vignette painting

Part of the Chinese section of the tattoos on the pier, commemorating the long history of trade with China that made Boston a successful port city, this detail shows a stylized bat, a traditional good luck symbol found on trade … Read More

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Day Lilies
Hypnotized in the deepest jungle (Day Lilies)

A bug’s eye view of vivid orange day lilies against blues and greens of foliage and sky. Possibly that late afternoon time in summer when golden sunlight gives way to creeping dusk.

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World Turtle
World Turtle Vignette painting

This tattoo design was stained into the cement at the beginning of the main pier at Boston Shipyard, where the pier meets the land. It was intended to honor the native American tribes of the area, whose land this was. … Read More

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"Goddess of Winter Hill" print
“Goddess of Winter Hill” small print

Giclee print of “Goddess of Winter Hill” street art which I did on the back of the Winter Hill Post Office in Somerville.

This limited edition print series of 10 is 7 inches square, done in top-quality archival inks on thick acid-free matte finish art paper.

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