Stairs of deLight proposal for Boston City Hall by LaManche

Idea for Boston City Hall Steps, New Urban Mechanics Public Space Initiative

This year’s edition of the Boston PSI or Public Space Initiative has come upon us, and I’m submitting Stairs of Fabulousness II: The Blinky Edition (or more properly, “Stairs of deLight”!)  An interactive LED light installation on the bottom staircase facing the front door, would sense people’s presence and create ripples of light around them, lighting up extra when they touched other people’s ripples- or creating electric lines of light between people.

As we say in the proposal poster, “Interactive lighting for the staircase by the front door reacting to people on and near the steps, encouraging random play and interaction with other humans!”

Mockup proposal for Stairs of deLight for Boston City Hall by LaManche

Note: While there was a lot of interest and enthusiasm for the idea, a full implementation turned out to be beyond the budget that had been earmarked for such projects. The idea remains totally do-able though, it would be a lot of fun, and we’d like to make it happen somewhere!