Boston Street Piano 2016: The Tattoo Heart

Creating a Street Piano for Celebrity Series‘ “Play Me, I’m Yours” hitting the Boston streets in September!  The 60 artists chosen all worked in a shared industrial space in the Innovation & Design Building from  July 18-Aug. 26, and the pianos will be … Read More

Pokemon Go hack at MIT & Davis Sq

It’s July 11 and everyone is playing Pokemon Go… the streets of Cambridge and Somerville are full of folks walking around looking at their phones, catching Pokemons. I decided it was time to prank them by printing out colorful Pokemon creatures about 8″ … Read More

Art in Decatur WAY, Lowell

I’ve been working with the City of Lowell and CDM Smith engineers to create art for their Decatur WAY project in Lowell, a beautiful new walkway in what had been a bit of an eyesore alley behind the historic Cote’s … Read More

Open Studios 2016

Had a very lovely Open Studios weekend, maybe the best ever! Saw lots of good folk, had excellent conversations, showed off art, sold art! People liked the old color-changing painting setup and the new Rain Art demo! My and other … Read More

Open Studios, Diet Edition

Having a great Somerville Open Studios weekend. But one interesting complication has been the letter emailed to all the exhibiting artists from the SOS organizers at 9pm Saturday night, (that’s right, halfway through the event!) saying that the Somerville Board … Read More

Rain Activated Art comes to the East Coast

Earthsign Studios just got our shipment of industrial superhydrophobic waterproofer, and I get to try out Seattle-style Rain Activated Art! Here’s the video of my test piece. Spoiler: It works great! I’m about to use it on the new Decatur Way Green … Read More

Ideas for the Kensington Underpass

If I had my way, this is what I’d do in the Kensington Underpass (that ugly walkway under 93 from the Stop & Shop to Assembly Square). Painting with Color Kinetics lighting.  The complicated one would use stencils to make parts … Read More


Well now, there appears to be a rather worried Lemur on the Rte 93 pedestrian underpass to Assembly Square. Posted without further comment.

Kickoff Day

Excellent day kicking off tattoo project in Salem!! Half the ground prepped, placement decisions decided, volunteers found and met, a fantastic bunch of people up here with a desire to make cool stuff! Big thanks to Daniel Stanwood for stalwart … Read More

The melting pot: influence vs. apropriation

I feel that this is an important discussion right now. Increasing sensitivity is one was we’re positively evolving as humans, but having artistic dialogue and learning/influencing/being influenced, with love and respect, is also the only way we’ll move forward and … Read More