Maximum Pierrot

Expressive of a feeling. With thanks to my very favorite model, Gilded Lillian.

What I’d love to do at Underground at Ink Block

I’m loving the street art installations at Boston’s Underground at Ink Block, but there is still so much bare concrete! Those oversized cement columns always make me think… I’ve always wanted to just start painting them up with Egyptian and … Read More

Logos for Science

In recent news, as government agencies have been told to scrub climate science information from their websites, the Twitter accounts of various federally funded agencies have “gone rogue” and refused to stop posting scientific facts… These include most of the … Read More

Idea for Somerville, city hall corner

This is a proposal I’m working up for the embankment behind Somerville City Hall, on School Street. Right now it’s bare concrete. I’d like to use a background of Art Nouveau stylized lilies and a realistic Eastern Box Turtle… these … Read More

Ideas for the Kensington Underpass

If I had my way, this is what I’d do in the Kensington Underpass (that ugly walkway under 93 from the Stop & Shop to Assembly Square). Painting with Color Kinetics lighting.  The complicated one would use stencils to make parts … Read More