Conversations with Brinda Gill of Pune, India

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From the Eight Auspicious Symbols (ref: Wikipedia)“For someone with an interest in symbols and decorative motifs, India is a treasure…”

I have been able to benefit from correspondence with a writer and scholar on Indian decorative and symbolic motifs, Brinda Gill of Pune, India. She has suggested and explained some great ideas to use in this project, along with a wealth of background materials which I’ll try to distill and organize for the website.

A region with a long, rich history and array of cultures and religions, India’s central location and history of trade and communication means itsĀ art influences can be seen cross-pollinating throughout the continent in regions such as Europe, Tibet and China, Persia and the Middle East.

I’m looking forward to working more on this tattoo design (influenced by both textiles and mendhi I hope), and enjoying this wealth of beautiful source material.