This beautifully graphic tattoo design is taken from and archeological artifact, a plate made by the native tribes who lived on islands in the mouth of the Amazon. It predated Western contact but was from a region where European and New England contact were to have an impact. The shapes appear somewhat related to mesoamerican art in aesthetic, but with their own geometry and line styles.

Brazil dock tattoo by Liz Lamanche


Layout and sketch: Liz LaManche, Dan Alroy, Jean K. Monroe.
Inking: Liz LaManche, Brian Browne, Dan Alroy, Jon Bonk, Carolyn Flesner.




Installation Crew

Layout: Liz LaManche
Inking: Liz LaManche, Brian Browne, Dan Alroy, Joe R, Carolyn Flesner, Jean K. Monroe, Jon Bonk, Julia Tenney, Brigid Watson