Liz LaManche public art

Putting Big Art In Public: Moral Quandaries and Practical Tips (Artisans Asylum Speaker Series, April 18)

I’ll be at Artisans Asylum Tuesday the 18th of April, from 7-8 pm, talking about experiences doing large public art, both in Somerville and elsewhere.

My murals and tattoos have appeared in various places, from an industrial shipyard to downtown Salem and Boston to working-class or downscale neighborhoods. My work often tends toward the colorful and whimsical, though some have a more piquant sense of history and more layers of meaning. I do this work as a way to influence society and the very course of human evolution, even in a small butterfly-wing sort of way, or in a symbolically-magical-thinking sort of way. I wind up thinking a lot about what’s best to put (or say) where, from a social, class, race, political,gentrification, humanist and feminist perspective.

Join me for an hour of overthinking, oversharing, and general chitchat, questions and participation welcome. Knowing Artisans Asylum, it will be a lively and thoughtful group.

Because we’re a maker space, questions and chat about how to best physically do things are also most welcome, and I’d be happy to engage in chat about materials, procedures, etc.

Artisans Asylum is at 10 Tyler Street in Somerville, and there is a $10 suggested donation for non-members, which goes to support Asylum activities.