Architectural Ornament for Cosmic Praise tower

Repeating pattern based on Feynman diagrams, in process, for Cosmic Praise tower by Doug Ruuska.Some of my design work will be going to the Playa this year, as part of an Honorarium-grant funded piece to be displayed outside Center Camp!

Read about Cosmic Praise here: The “Landmark space Minaret” with Spark Chamber at the top! I’m supplying ground-floor decorative design including repeating patterns based on Feynman diagrams! It will be a kinetic light piece with color-changing effects all around the street level walls.

They need more Kickstarter funding though, and the stretch goals are actually super important. Please consider handing them (us) a few bucks! Seeing this thing right at 6:00 Plaza is going to be amazing, it will be a signature visual for this year’s Burning Man, and it will come back to live (and be displayed) somewhere cool in Boston afterward!

One possible color treatment for the base of the Cosmic Praise tower.