I wrote an article on “Connected By Sea” in “The Artists’ Working” magazine

I’m pleased to say I have an article published in the journal “The Artists’ Working: Theory and Practice”. It’s on the process of making the Connected By Sea installation. There are 8 fat & juicy articles in this publication, well worth the read!

Excerpt from blurb: “Here I describe the processĀ of arriving at the idea, its design evolution, and then an odyssey of learning to run a large project involving many artists and a crew of 30 volunteers of varying skill levels. In the end, we had the satisfaction of completing a large project with a deep meaning for ourselves and our city. I stretched my abilities and comfort zone, and learned about working with others.”

Journal available here: http://www.theartistsworking.org/volumeone/u9hc28fkdy9hwfbjd5zxvtei5fyv8u