Cat Alley, Manchester

The revamped Cat Alley is home to lots of new Art Cats! Grand Opening September 12, 2022

Electric Cat in Cat Alley, Manchester

This summer/fall I was part of the project to redesign and rededicate Cat Alley, a fantastic little art alley next to the Bookery bookstore and cafe on Elm Street.

There is art from a wide and various group of regional artists, and the many entries make a fun explore.

I designed mine to be a companion to the “Electric Chicken” in Chelsea– a vibrant and energetic street-art style character. The “story” of this one lies in the hot pepper fish creatures in the pool below.

I was so taken with this guy that I wound up having far too much fun figuring out how to put him (design concept digital sketch) on items like mugs and pillows.

Electric Cat pillow