Color-Changing Murals at SOS 2022

The outdoor portion of Somerville Open Studios, held in SomerNova Alley and run by Firefly Arts Collective, showcased a 30-foot mural on canvas that I designed and made for a Playa art project at Burning Man. Originally made as a skin for a tower that was part of Luster Cluster installation, this is the first time it’s been seen all together in a flat form. As the programmed LED lighting shines on its surface, the colors seem to morph and animate. The title is “Astract Poetry”: with the changing light, selections of queer love poetry by famous writers appear and disappear as part of the texture of the abstract shapes- reflecting on life and loves that remain partially hidden, yet full of poetry, vibrance and joy.

This outdoor event took place partially at night and had lighting art, fire art, music, and performers from Somerville, Boston and the Burning Man arts community.

Also on view at the same event is a smaller work at 9×12 feet, “Machine Visionary” which ponders whether AI can become self-aware, and how we see ourselves in a digital world. This has been displayed at Burning Man and a Decompression event in Providence, RI, and art based on it is available as prints.