Happening Now! “Salem’s Connected World”: A Tattoo Story

So my big project OTD: I’ll be creating a new public art piece in Salem this month!

City of Salem is commissioning a Connected By Sea companion piece as a temporary installation for their summer arts festival season, to be painted on the pedestrian brick walks of Derby Square around the Old Town Hall and down through Artists’ Row.

It will highlight Salem’s seafaring history, cultural inputs and world connections, informed by the fantastic collection in the Peabody Essex Museum, where I’ve learned a tremendous amount over the years from their Native American and Asian trade goods collections. This past week I got to meet with the curator of Native American and Oceanic art and was introduced to a collaborator with a lot of knowledge and connections to the Pennacooks…

This has been coming together for quite a while, I apologize for the late announcement, but look for lots more news starting, oh, about ***NOW*** including requests for volunteer help here and up there! Actual painting to take place May 15-30. I’ll be living in Salem for a couple weeks. Can’t wait to be part of the action there, meet more of the local artists,  and help kick off the summer festival season!

Artists mockup of installation for Salem city centre festival season 2015

Want to get involved? Installation happening May 15-30, seeking volunteer crew members for daytime helping, especially those with some painting skills, ability to neatly handle a brush. Create something beautiful, Tattoo Your Town, meet new friends, be outdoors in springtime and tell Salem’s multicultural history.