Harbor Arts Dock Tattoo Project: Connected by Sea: Basques

LizM @ HarborArts: Basque dock tattoo

Despite frigid weather, tattooing of the main pier at Harbor Arts continues.

The second of a dozen planned tattoo installations was drawn onto the pier surface yesterday, this one commemorating the early Basque fishermen who taught us cod fishing and whaling, leading to the prosperity of the New England region and ultimately fueling the Industrial Revolution.

Ten more designs are in the planning phase, awaiting warmer weather to complete. Our goal is to finish by the kickoff of tourist season in Spring 2014.

According to the owners of the Shipyard space, tattoo designs have been very popular with both workers at the shipyard and with dock and neighborhood residents. Permission has been given to continue decorating the whole pier surface.

Read more about the project on its page: Harbor Arts Dock Tattoo Project: Connected by Sea

LizM HarborArts dock tattoo process

Process: Hand drawing and staining by Liz Manicatide. Photo by Dan Alroy.