Logos for Science

In recent news, as government agencies have been told to scrub climate science information from their websites, the Twitter accounts of various federally funded agencies have “gone rogue” and refused to stop posting scientific facts… These include most of the National Parks, and NASA has also developed a @RogueNASA account just in case. These spinoff accounts are run by the staff members and scientists on their own time. To avoid charges of copyright violation from using the logos of their official agencies, they issued a call for alternative logos. Here are my contributions, all published in the public domain.

I thought the Alt National Park Service one was pretty successful… Based on the official one but drawn with new elements, the white buffalo stands for sacred life and abundance. The arrowhead is for native peoples and for resistance. There is a new element that is both a treeline, and a resistor. The green heart signifies growing love that trumps hate. The blue gradient background is for clean air and hope.