New Kinetic Light Painting at First Night

I just debuted a new kinetic light painting at FirstLight, the new media/ interactive/ electronic arts gallery space at the Hynes Convention Center for the Boston First Night New Year’s Eve celebration. This larger (6 feet wide) painting is interactive, with an IR-detector input that you pass a hand over to activate: I call it the Frobnicator.

New Kinetic Light painting at FirstNight Boston by Liz Manicatide

This was a crowd-pleaser and especially gathered a constant stream of kids during the early hours! Adults in this venue needed more convincing that they could actually interact with the piece and “play” it, but once they realized it was welcome they were hooked! I’m glad the painting is big enough to take up a lot of your field of vision when playing it, it can be nicely immersive.

So good to see more new media and experimental stuff with Figment doing FirstNight, including fire arts on the Common and Zebbler’s video-mapping of the Boston Public Library for the main countdown, both made for really happy crowds. A great party all around!

This project could not have happened without the generous help of: Andrew Anselmo (Programming & Electronics tutelage), Phil Servita (Aluminum fabrication, programming & electronics support), and Drew VanZandt (support and advice).