Open Studios, Diet Edition

Having a great Somerville Open Studios weekend.

But one interesting complication has been the letter emailed to all the exhibiting artists from the SOS organizers at 9pm Saturday night, (that’s right, halfway through the event!) saying that the Somerville Board of Health had suddenly informed them that serving of food to the public is prohibited without a “food permit” obtained in advance (presumably at some cost?)!

This seems odd. So many small events and open houses put out snacks, it’s a universal tradition. Do art galleries then obtain “food permits”? What does this mean for Halloween? So, the second day of Open Studios will take place without the ubiquitous friendly offering of plates of store-bought cookies, crackers and cheese, and cheap box wine that have always been de rigeur for these events.

In protest, I am serving drawings of cookies to my guests this afternoon.



Liz LaManche gives away drawings of cookies at Open Studios
Artist Liz LaManche gives away drawings of cookies at Open Studios


Here is the surprised and apologetic letter we received from the SOS management, presumably we will learn more details from the Board of Health and city government soon.  Oh, Boston….. must we still be a culture of fear and Byzantine permitting process?