Art in Decatur WAY, Lowell

I’ve been working with the City of Lowell and CDM Smith engineers to create art for their Decatur WAY project in Lowell, a beautiful new walkway in what had been a bit of an eyesore alley behind the historic Cote’s … Read More

Open Studios 2016

Had a very lovely Open Studios weekend, maybe the best ever! Saw lots of good folk, had excellent conversations, showed off art, sold art! People liked the old color-changing painting setup and the new Rain Art demo! My and other … Read More

Open Studios, Diet Edition

Having a great Somerville Open Studios weekend. But one interesting complication has been the letter emailed to all the exhibiting artists from the SOS organizers at 9pm Saturday night, (that’s right, halfway through the event!) saying that the Somerville Board … Read More

Rain Activated Art comes to the East Coast

Earthsign Studios just got our shipment of industrial superhydrophobic waterproofer, and I get to try out Seattle-style Rain Activated Art! Here’s the video of my test piece. Spoiler: It works great! I’m about to use it on the new Decatur Way Green … Read More

Idea for Somerville, city hall corner

This is a proposal I’m working up for the embankment behind Somerville City Hall, on School Street. Right now it’s bare concrete. I’d like to use a background of Art Nouveau stylized lilies and a realistic Eastern Box Turtle… these … Read More

Ideas for the Kensington Underpass

If I had my way, this is what I’d do in the Kensington Underpass (that ugly walkway under 93 from the Stop & Shop to Assembly Square). Painting with Color Kinetics lighting.  The complicated one would use stencils to make parts … Read More


Well now, there appears to be a rather worried Lemur on the Rte 93 pedestrian underpass to Assembly Square. Posted without further comment.

Salem Flythrough video

Video flythrough just posted: Visiting Salem for Halloween? Take a peek down Derby Sq and Artists Row: Last looks at my tattoo-art-inspired public art, “Salem’s Connected World”… designed as a temporary installation for the summer season. I just put together the … Read More

Tattoos at Old Town Hall

Beautiful sunny day and a Sankofa symbol in the making by Old Town Hall. Learn from the past… This one suggested by African art expert Stephen Hamilton, with much good background information that we will add here soon. So many … Read More

First Painting Day

Today in Derby Sq: Lisette and Michael put finishing touches on the new Honu tattoo next to Old Town Hall. Awesome first painting day, 4 designs laid out, one finished already! Loving the vibe in Salem too, people are nice!

Kickoff Day

Excellent day kicking off tattoo project in Salem!! Half the ground prepped, placement decisions decided, volunteers found and met, a fantastic bunch of people up here with a desire to make cool stuff! Big thanks to Daniel Stanwood for stalwart … Read More

Somerville Open Studios 2015

This afternoon  12-6pm, 35 Kidder Ave, Somerville: Looks like a great day to see Open Studios! Map is here New: Pillows, Dock Tattoo related art and items, weird little sculptures by Andor artists. Also not to be missed on your … Read More

Fountain Street Fine Art opening reception Jan.3

I‘ll be at Fountain Street Fine Art this Saturday from 5-7pm, for the opening reception of the show Visual Alchemy. “2015 begins with VISUAL ALCHEMY, a cutting- edge Group Show curated by Elizabeth Devlin, founder of Flux-Boston art blog.” This experimental … Read More

Stairs of Fabulousness Expands!

Phase 2 of the rainbow stairs tape installation in Boston City Hall is coming Monday, Nov. 24: As previously planned, we’re adding tape to the stair risers (the vertical bit) so visitors at the front door and ground floor get some happy color rainbows … Read More

Somerville Open Studio, May 3-4, 2014

Come see me this weekend, 12-6 Saturday and Sunday, for Somerville Open Studios! I’m at #17 on the Useful Online SOS MAP. Featuring a kinetic light room, new paintings, and a variety of silliness new and old, that you’ll only see at … Read More

Bartlett Yard photos in Boston Magazine

April 8, 2014, Arts & Entertainment:     One Last Glimpse at the Artwork That Marks the Buildings at Bartlett Yard Article: Steve Annear, Photos by Margaret Burdge Also: South side with sneakers

Get Your Vegetables at Out of the Blue

Several of my traditional-style paintings are on display right now at Out of the Blue Gallery in Cambridge. Theme is: edibles. Traditional still life but with a little extra… edge of intensity? Something a little tongue-in-cheek-y? They’d still fit right … Read More

New Kinetic Light Painting at First Night

I just debuted a new kinetic light painting at FirstLight, the new media/ interactive/ electronic arts gallery space at the Hynes Convention Center for the Boston First Night New Year’s Eve celebration. This larger (6 feet wide) painting is interactive, … Read More

The melting pot: influence vs. apropriation

I feel that this is an important discussion right now. Increasing sensitivity is one was we’re positively evolving as humans, but having artistic dialogue and learning/influencing/being influenced, with love and respect, is also the only way we’ll move forward and … Read More

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