Rain Activated Art comes to the East Coast

Earthsign Studios just got our shipment of industrial superhydrophobic waterproofer, and I get to try out Seattle-style Rain Activated Art! Here’s the video of my test piece. Spoiler: It works great!

I’m about to use it on the new Decatur Way Green Alley in Lowell, as part of the water-themed art installations happening there for June 2. Water animals will appear on the sidewalk there when it rains, a nice surprise for passers-by.

It’s a cool technique, some of my artist friends and I had been discussing using it ever since we saw Peregrine Church’s videos from Seattle last year. My friend Nate Swain, who introduced me to the Lowell project team, also turned them on to the possibility and they decided it’d go great with the theme of “Water, Art & You” that they were using for Decatur Way. It should be quite a draw and a novelty, as far as we can tell no-one outside of the Pacific Northwest has been using the technique yet. For the people passing by on rainy days, it should be a nice little surprise.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new pedestrian alley near UMass Lowell is set for the afternoon of Thursday June 2, hopefully there is no rain date. Buckets of water encouraged :)

How-to Video:

Plans for Lowell:

A small preview of the surprise water animals planned for Decatur WAY:

Carp rain art for Lowell's Decatur Way


I just heard on NPR that the Mayor’s Mural Crew in Boston has begun using this technique to put poems on Boston sidewalks, with Boston Poet Laureate Danielle Georges! It is indeed a Movement whose Time has Come  :)