“Salem’s Connected World” greets visitors through the summer

Thanks to local art-supporters and good-guy volunteers Lisette Larkin and her most enlightened sweetie Ben, the tattoos of Salem’s Connected World are being well maintained through the summer season.

lisette-colorSome of the tattoos have been wearing more than others, mostly due to the underlying powdery bricks, or the sheer level of traffic (The Mermaid and the Pennacook design at the top by Essex Street especially!) We’ve heard so much good feedback on the mermaid, it’d be a shame to not keep her spruced up.

And this: Lisette is putting the Public in Public art, by adding some color in this picture- That’s what art in public spaces wants to be! So fun!

And as always thanks to Deborah Greel for kind management and keeping in touch. What a town!