Somerville Scout Arts Issue: Eye-Catching Works in Shared City Spaces

I came back from being away, to a wonderful new issue of the Somerville Scout, full of write-ups of the people I love doing fabulous things around town. I am in “Art For All: Finding Eye-Catching Works in Shared City Spaces“, the public ART-icle by Eliza Rosenberry on page 18-21. Rosenberry covers all manner of art-in-public happening around town, including “The Soul’s Journey As A Series Of Weird Old Cars“. I get to share the virtual stage & printed page with the impressive Resa Blatman, whose beautiful work “The Water Project: Rising Tide 3” now hangs in the super-street-visible glass atrium at Somerville Hospital.

Rosenberry also discusses the recent panel discussion we did as part of the Artisan’s Asylum Speaker Series on January 17, including sculptor-electronicshacker-musician Michael Dewberry, and Ann Hirsch of “Safety Orange Swimmers” fame in Boston.

It’s a great magazine all around, you can now check out the online Somerville Scout March-April 2017 here.
(Photo above by Jess Benjamin for Somerville Scout.)