Vaccine Victory Pin initiative

This design project has been close to my heart and a few months in the making. Jeweler and author Karen Christians had the idea for an enameled pin, I came up with the design, and we both noodled it through to completion.

The idea is to wear the pin to show support for vaccination, medical workers and science, and to donate a good fraction of the proceeds to public health and relief charities.

It feels good to be able to do something positive, donate to causes that are helping and show support for the efforts that will get us out of this. This country needs more of the feeling of common cause that will make us effective and humane as a society. If i can help encourage popular support for science and vaccination, that will be a good thing.

There’s a website I’ve put up here:

“Symbols of hope— the WWII V for Victory, or the Vietnam era’s dove of peace—can be powerful talismans against dark times. Jeweler Karen Christians and graphic designer Liz LaManche have teamed up to create a new symbol for the Covid era: the Vaccine Victory Pin. Wear it with pride to express your faith in science, your support for the vaccine, and your appreciation for the frontline workers doing battle with the coronavirus every day.”