Vaccine Victory pins are shipping now!

The pins are ready to ship! The Vaccine Victory Pin, the size of a quarter, is made of cloisonne enamel and 14K plated gold. A brief explanation of the colors & symbolism:

  • The Light Blue of the V is the color of the paper masks and rubber gloves worn by frontline responders, and sky blue signifies hope.
  • The Cobalt Blue background stands for ingenuity, enlightenment, stability and calmness.
  • Red is for danger, passion, blood, action and physicality. The red and black of the coronavirus symbol signify a threat, but the dark centre also signifies the creative center of the universe that brings forth life.
  • Gold signifies success, achievement and triumph. In jewelry, gold is the metal of choice for its purity and noble qualities.

The “V” is placed over the Covid symbol showing our goal of victory over this virus, using vaccines, science, and unified effort.

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