"After Dark, Hyattsville" kinetic light mural

First ever permanent outdoor mural for color-changing LED light, a 40-foot wide painting lit by super-bright colored light in programmed colors and patterns.

The mural was designed specifically for this site, to complement and enliven the neighborhood, with its growing arts scene and distinctive local businesses, providing a fun attraction for the block and making it even more of a destination just 8 miles from downtown Washington, DC.

It was commissioned in 2012 by Hyattsville business owner and neighborhood art supporter Mike Franklin (Franklin’s Restaurant, Brewery & General Store, 5121 Baltimore Ave, Hyattsville, MD), with a matching grant from The City of Hyattsville Commercial Facade Improvement Program. Installed and lit in Spring of 2013.

“After Dark, Hyattsville” Mural for Kinetic Light from Liz LaManche on Vimeo.

Concept, painting and light show programming by Liz LaManche, lighting system engineering by Carl Gruesz (22designs.com). Video soundtrack by Encanti.



HCTV Documentary:

The Washington Post: 

“For Mike Franklin, The Art’s the Thing in Hyattsville” Miranda S. Spivack, April 19, 2013.


“impressive contribution to the street and building-scape and to the Arts in Hyattsville” … “the first of its kind anywhere” …

“it will make quite a splash, and a lasting impression”

Franklin Brewery Commissions ‘After Dark, Hyattsville’ Mural by Liz Manicatide“, Editorial Team, April 11, 2013, East City Art


“whimsical, cheery and colorful” … “eye-catching mural … the kinetic light mural of Franklin’s imagination.” 

“Franklins Facelift” Susie Currie, Hyattsville Life & Times, April 7, 2013


“Kinetic Light Mural Adds a New Glow to the Downtown Route 1 Restaurant District” … ”a work full of bright color, fanciful characters and fantastic, dream-like imagery.”

“Mike Franklin’s Latest Venture Lights Up Hyattsville” Gateway Arts, April 9, 2013


“bright, playful characterization of Hyattsville and Maryland mainstays”

“Check Out the Murals at Local Breweries” Tammy Tuck, Washington City Paper, 2/20/2104,


Installation Video:


About Liz LaManche’s Art for Kinetic Light

These are large colorful paintings and murals, lit by intense saturated color-changing LED lights in custom-programmed sequences; this method causes colors to seem to flip, move and swap as the light color changes, highlighting different forms and hidden elements and forming a moving wall of color and shape.

As the lighting cycles through various combinations of colors, the pigments also appear to change color, swap and move in surprising ways.