Burning Man series of painted wall hangings

Created from 2005-2008, these were used as installation pieces, along with LED light shows, to decorate the main public space and bar, for Automatic Subconscious.

“04: Vault of Heaven” and “05: Psyche” Large Kinetic Light Paintings from Liz LaManche on Vimeo.

LizM: Burning Man series- red





Featured in Wired magazine’s Best of Burning Man photo gallery

2007 Mural at the Queens Museum of Art for NYC Decompression.

Walkthrough of Automatic Subconscious during a party in 2006


About Liz LaManche’s Art for Kinetic Light

These are large colorful paintings and murals, lit by intense saturated color-changing LED lights in custom-programmed sequences; this method causes colors to seem to flip, move and swap as the light color changes, highlighting different forms and hidden elements and forming a moving wall of color and shape.

As the lighting cycles through various combinations of colors, the pigments also appear to change color, swap and move in surprising ways.