Installed in November 2014, this 18-foot mural is a tableau of CBC staff, regulars, and celebrities with a connection to Boston and Cambridge. It takes the place of a previous mural on the same theme from 2008. Viewable at Cambridge Brewing Company, 1 Kendall Square. In order to properly appreciate this piece it is important to view it while drinking some of the delicious handcrafted local beer that is offered at this establishment.

“Dynamic, “Where’s Waldo”-like” -Alyssa Vaughn, Scout Somerville


Center detail showing Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Grumpy Cat, and bartenders


Mural detail showing the artist in the background, talking to Keytar Bear and Tom Magliozzi.


Mural detail showing President Obama, CBC staff and owner, and previous mural in the background.


The People

Here is a key to who everyone is: about equal parts staff, local regulars, and celebrities.

CBC Key-Panel1

CBCKey-Panel2 CBCKey-Panel3