Cosmic Praise at Burning Man, photo by

Cosmic Praise at Burning Man 2014 (Photo by

I got to design and create Moorish-inspired architectural ornament for the street level exterior of Cosmic Praise, a BMORG and Kickstarter-funded “Landmark Space Minaret” in front of Center Camp at Burning Man arts festival this summer (2014) by Douglas Ruuska. The repeating pattern is inspired by Feynman diagrams of the action of a spark chamber.

Cosmic Praise tower by Doug Ruuska with ornamented wrap by Liz LaManche, 2014

Painting detail

Repeating pattern based on Feynman diagrams, in process, for Cosmic Praise tower by Doug Ruuska.

Sketch for repeating pattern


Cosmic Praise

by Douglas Ruuska
Brighton, MA

In Islam, minarets broadcast the call to prayer. Cosmic Praise, while perhaps evoking a similar spiritual response, primarily seeks to issue a “call to curiosity” inviting those entering to ponder the mind-expanding depths of the Universe. Our lives are perpetually bathed in a rain of sub-atomic particles passing through our selves, our homes & deep into the Earth. The sources of these cosmic rays are enormously energetic processes in distant parts of the Universe. Ordinarily invisible, but with a spark chamber they can be seen. This stunning physical realization of Galactic phenomena inspires a range of emotions. Awe, amazement, insignificance & even fear are felt as the viewer ponders their place in the Cosmos. Perhaps, returning from contemplation of the distant reaches of our Galaxy, their view will turn inward, reconnecting with their humanity & the Universe of thought & emotion that lies within. Cosmic Praise indeed.