Goddess of Winter Hill

This was commissioned by City of Somerville, for a Winter Hill street festival. It sits on the side-facing windows of 316 Broadway, behind the US Post Office, facing what will be the new Winter Hill Brewery. I’m honored that the city trusted me with full artistic license on this, no pre-approval of ideas or images needed! I was free to respond to the vibe of the space.

I thought Winter Hill needed a new story, so this is her patron deity: A modernized Athena, complete with owl. On a block with several storied and historic Italian eateries, Athena is both Italian and tough, as well as elegant and wise. The penguins give her a wintery aspect and channel my dismay about the historic Winter of 2015. This picture is inspired by a photo of my lovely friend Jen who works with penguins at the Aquarium!

Goddess of Winter Hill penguin detail

Goddess of Winter Hill owl detail