Teaming up with Oxfam America, I created a public art installation in Kendall Center to symbolize the interconnectedness of all humanity. The message: “We’re all in this together: Our differences are less than we think and our connections are more than we think.” It’s my personal belief that to save the world and our species, we need to put aside tribalism and greed, and work together on a species-wide level, learning to accept and love one another as family.

The network-diagram-like shapes, arranged to fit the space of the plaza, interpret Oxfam’s vision of a just world without poverty, where the whole of humanity has the same basic rights. In many cultures, the circle represents wholeness, universality, the self. While these circles are different colors and sizes, they are all interconnected, each with a unified heart.

“Human Together” (100% Human), by Liz LaManche, sponsored by Oxfam America. Photo by Jeff Rich Photography.

The installation was in place from September 2018 through April 2019, covering an area approximately 60′ x 80′.

Oxfam is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the injustice of poverty. Their newest social justice initiative: oxfamamerica.org/100 #BeHuman.

Space provided by Boston Properties & Kendall Center.

Kendall Center webpage

Top photo aerial view by Jeff Rich Photography for Oxfam.

100% Human by Liz LaManche on Kendall Center Plaza


“Local Artist Paints the Town with Message of Togetherness” by Alyssa Vaughn, Scout Somerville, November 9, 2018.

“Kendall Square public art hopes to send colorful message this fall:
Artist Liz LaManche says her Kendall Center piece is about standing athwart tribalism”
by Tom Acitelli, Curbed Boston, October 10, 2018.

Kendall Center website: New Temporary Public Art by Liz LaManche