While working on the ZUMIX Mural I was approached by a community group that has been working on beautifying the corner that is the gateway to Jeffries Point from Maverick Square. They installed a flower garden but the island was dominated by a big grey electrical box- so they commissioned me to paint flowers on it in keeping with their garden, but otherwise carte blanche in terms of style.

East Boston Jeffries Point public art- electrical box with tropical flowers, birds theme for community gardeners.

The group is made up of longterm residents with roots in Brazil, and the neighborhood is heavily Hispanic, so I wanted to provide a cheerful, bright experience that recalled a tropical garden and the colorful freedom of Brazilian art. Loose, freeform flowers are punctuated by more detailed birds: on one side is a cardinal, frequent visitor to neighborhood bird feeders, and on the other is a macaw, a colorful bird of Brazil.

The box in situ: