Created in midwinter, “ReAwakening” evokes our cycle of motion through the cosmos and our desire to return to the light.

First shown at FirstLight Boston, the interactive/electronic arts gallery space at the Hynes Convention Center for the Boston First Night 2014 New Year’s Eve celebration. This large (6 feet wide) painting is interactive, featuring an input console so viewers can “play” the color-changing lights and change the painting’s appearance, by waving a hand over a row of sensors, and even save and play back their own light shows.

72”x48”, acrylic on wood panel with kinetic LED lighting and IR-LED input console, 2013.

ReAwakening: interactive painting for kinetic light

“ReAwakening” Kinetic Light Painting from Liz LaManche on Vimeo.
Special thanks to:
Andrew Anselmo, system design, electronics and programming
Phil Servita, metal fabrication, electronics and programming


About Liz LaManche’s Art for Kinetic Light

These are large colorful paintings and murals, lit by intense saturated color-changing LED lights in custom-programmed sequences; this method causes colors to seem to flip, move and swap as the light color changes, highlighting different forms and hidden elements and forming a moving wall of color and shape.

As the lighting cycles through various combinations of colors, the pigments also appear to change color, swap and move in surprising ways.