For thisĀ 96-foot-long crosswalk, the town of Medford wanted a theme of “pedestrian safety”.

I started with “ped figures” traced from your standard crosswalk signs, and proceeded to add variations (you will see the much loved slippery-floor “Jazz Hands” figure), and several based on people dancing. They start out walking sedately at the beginning, then get more exuberant till they’re having a dance party in the middle, then get normal again out the other side, ending in a figure with a briefcase who has clearly had enough of all this.




“WalkMedford completes 96-foot crosswalk art project at Medford High School”
By Alex Ruppenthal, September 7, 2016, Medford Transcript

“Walk Medford Completes First Ever Decorated Crosswalk at MHS!”
by Lisa Evangelista, August 30, 2016, The MPS Advantage (official blog of the Medford Public Schools, Medford, Massachusetts.)