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This edition of shirts was hand-printed as a fundraiser for the “Connected By Sea” tattoo project, where we created designs giving homage to the cultures that made up Boston- inking symbols of friendship and reconciliation to the people who were part of, and impacted by, Boston’s trade history.

The West African (Kongo) design was arrived at in consultation with diaspora artist Stephen Hamilton, and the central image is a regional identity personal adornment worn by a woman in Kongo in the 1940s. Flanking it are regional patterns and a Cosmogram illustrating phases of life, death, and rebirth.

The 1000-foot Tattoo was designed in concert with several artists and created in cement stain on the main pier at HarborArts in 2014 by myself and 30 volunteers, as a symbol that we are all one family.

This shirt is the last one of its kind left from a limited edition made for fundraising top-tier rewards, a women’s medium (runs small) long sleeved V-neck, black shirt with white ink.

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